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Sunday, September 21, 2008

MURS - Time Is Now

Hello blorg!

I wonder if using a really long image will stretch the frame out a bit. (loool nope. learn from doing.)

MURS ft. Snoop Dogg - Time Is Now

Yeah you're gonna wanna listen to that song cause wow.
MURS isn't that wonderful of a rapper. The chorus is pretty bad:

It's goin' down
In the town

That is a rhyme people make when they're ironically making up a poem on the spot, right before they give up and burst out laughing at their own silliness.
But the point is:


Niggarachi's production here is magnificent. MURS has great taste in producers: he collaborated with 9th Wonder for his internet-only release, Sweet Lord, and the outcome was absolutely lovely ("It's For Real" might get its own entry soon).

"MURS For President" comes out September 30th on Warner Brothers blah blah blah I'm just doing it cause it's what all the other blogs do.

Hey I posted!

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