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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pearl Future (i cannot stop listening to this song)

Pearl Future – Shop Song
Pearl Future – Shop Song

So I'm not sure why I know this song. I think it was Popjustice's song of the day a few weeks ago… apparently Pearl Future is one of the millions of pop singers who are trying to make it through Myspace, and they usually sing over generic pop songs made by a low-rate producer trying to create a marketable gimmick. Pearl Future has 15,000 Myspace friends, and I have no idea if that's good or bad, but she doesn't have a Wikipedia entry and it's impossible to find much info on her, so I'll assume her career hasn't really "taken off" yet.

The point is, I WANT IT TO. This is the first song I'm just gonna get 10000% behind, I'm gonna gush about it until it's a Top 40 hit. I think this is actually my favorite song of the year so far. It's so good, and it'll never be popular because it's a song about shopping and we're in a fucking depression. They're apparently angling it for a summer release, so I'm thinking there's a small chance this song was commissioned by Obama to help people do the right thing with their stimulus money. Also, this is like one of two places you can actually download this song in its entirety. Listen to it. Love it. I'm going to hype it up as much as all the movie blogs hyped up Slumdog and I am going to win this song an Oscar.

"Shop Song" by Pearl Future, ordered from best parts to worst parts:
1. Organ!!
2. Percussion! thump-CLAP thump-CLAP. Absolutely perfect.
3. Pearl's singing/vocals. She's really fantastic.
4. The dinkly little synth popping around in the back.
5. The lyrical content of the song.

252. The lyrical content of the song.
253. It's pitch-perfect timing. EVERYONE IS GOING TO HATE YOU

Stone Road – Fuck the Re-Depression
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Anonymous said...

I love this song...fuck the redepression

Anonymous said...

kewl song... i love to shop :)