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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

alright fine.

Hello monsters. I wasn't going to start this up for a while longer (prolly never) but David keeps pestering me about it so here it is.

This is an MP3 blog. Or it's going to be an MP3 blog once we start posting some MP3s.

My name is Zach, which all of you know because anyone who reads this is invariably already a friend or family. David Bourgin and Christopher Sisson (fuzzy slippers for some reason) will be assisting me in the posting of the music and the subsequent writing about the music.

One thing that I really don't like about many MP3 blogs is the inhumanity of it all, how many of them just vomit out nine or ten songs a day and leave it at that. This isn't going to be a blog that only exists to make the Hype Machine's library expand. I like to
and meditate a bit on things and write a lot. Going on tangents is a hobby of mine.

So at most, there'll be two songs per post. Probably only one. Assuming we keep this up. Hopefully we will.

We listen to a lot of different music. Some features I want to include:
  • Full album weeks
  • Musical moments that are transcendent or at least wonderful
  • Top 40, or, Zach Chris and David talk about Alicia Keys
  • And much more!
So welcome to the mp3blog. Blogp3. Add us to your feeds NOW

test song! enjoy.

test song


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