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Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Great in 2008: Part I

Since Zach is having a mid-blog crisis and may never actually complete his Top 50 Songs of 2008 (what a tease), I’m going to take the opportunity here to post a little list I like to call:

25 Songs We Missed On the First Roundup
Lets get started

25. Arthur Russell – I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face
I guess it’s cheap to start a ‘best of’ list with a song that wasn’t even technically recorded in 2008, but I don’t care. This song is terrible and awesome and just all kinds of mean. Damn, Arthur.

I needed a place, so I walked in the door,
I couldn't say it to your face, but I won't be around any more.
It's my world, it's my song -

Didn't ask you to sing along.

In my arms, you girl, you won't be here to say I'm wrong.

I couldn't say it to your face but I won't be around any more.

Like P4k said, though, “getting dumped via song probably stings, but it beats a text message.” Always gotta look on the bright side, yall. This is by far the saddest song on my list, and also probably the one I’ve listened to the most. Still luv u Arthur.

24. Busy Signal feat. Rye Rye & MIA – Tic Toc (Remix)

This is a perfect example of how an amazing beat can save an otherwise mediocre song. Although Rye Rye (born and raised in Baltimore yall!) has the voice of a 12 year old and I love it, her verse along with MIA’s are both pretty forgettable. Thank god for Busy’s production. The trip and stutter of the chorus (tic tic tic tic toc…), Busy’s own (absolutely unintelligible) shouting, and that effing awesome dulcimer (???) sample are exactly what makes this song so memorable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this song stuck in my head over the past year. Take a tic yall.

23. Metronomy – A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)

If I had to give one example of how indie pop has survived into the 21st century, this would be it. “A Thing For Me” just OOZES sunshine, lollipops, ice cream, and walks in the park. While Metronomy’s original track is pretty mediocre, the Breakbot remix really cuts to the song’s core, bringing out the Saturdays=Youth vibe (more on THAT later!) and cutting out that godawful electro beat in favor of a lazy bumblebee bassline and some big ol sloppy pastel synth blurps. If this song doesn’t give you butterflies, there’s no hope for your soul.

Tonight she'll take my heart home with her
But I'm not ready to let it go now,

Oh how long have we got?

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