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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zach's fav songs of 2k8 pt 3: I JUST WANNA BEAT MARIAH

Hi again! Lots of hip-hop this time. Enjoy?

Part One
Part Two

40. Camille – Money Note

So, originally, there was one very distinct reason I was going to include "Money Note" in my list; it stuck out so much to me so much the first time I heard it, that I knew it would end up on here (it is not difficult for a song to make my list). It might be a bit too long to be considered a "moment," but if I were making a list of my favorite moments of 2k8, it would be in my top 3. And if you want to know the way to my heart, just... make me this moment. It starts at 2:50 and ends at 3:23. It sounds like it's supposed to be the chorus, but it only happens once, for some ungodly reason. I don't know what it is about that chord progression… it's so utterly simple and common, but it just kills me.

But lately, I started listening to the song more and more. I would really only listen through it to get to that one brilliant cherry-in-the-middle, not really actively paying attention to the majority of the song, as I go along my way. And it's just amazing, how you can listen to a song ten or twenty times before you start to listen to the lyrics, and you suddenly realize: this is funny. After like three albums, Camille finally starts writing in English, and she ends up writing satire. What a joker!

The song is basically Camille making fun of North American singers for trying to hit extremely high notes during the climaxes of their songs, and then she makes fun of herself for not being able to reach them. Honestly, I have no idea how I didn't hear it: it includes a faux-Mariah verse and a guy whispering "she aimed for F-sharp 7/to take us all to heaven."

The video for Money Note is also fantastic and/but features a much-shortened version. NSFW if your work doesn't allow women dressed in nude body-suits.

39. Lil Wayne – A Milli

Fantasticdan300: what virus should I choose
Lt Mou: ebola
Lt Mou: uuuugh i dont wanna do an entry on a milli
Lt Mou: so sick of dat song
Fantasticdan300: 2. Chikungunya Virus (genus Alphavirus, family Togaviridae)

38. Ryan Leslie – Addiction (ft. Cassie and Fabolous)
Ryan Leslie - Addiction

What a chilly, arresting beat. What a beautiful chorus. What an entirely underappreciated song. Peaked at 115! Ryan Leslie is a very poor man.

Clipse hijacked it on their new mixtape because they actually sold cane, even though they rap about being addicted to rapping or some shit, whatever.

hi hi im, jayz, want2 kiss u ^_^;;;;
37. Jay-Z – I Know (ft. Pharrell)

So this is another entirely chilly beat. I have about as much to say about it as the last chilly song. I just enjoy chilly beats. Merry Christmas!

Someone mashed it up with Flashing Lights and it makes sense.

36. No Age – Eraser
No Age - Eraser

Simply put, there isn't a single second in this song that my ears don't like. A smorgasbord of raw, unfriendly sounds that are gorgeous in unison.

Fun fact: first heard this on MTV2. WTF MTV2? It just was like in 2k4 when everyone was all like "wtf is modest mouse doing on the radio." Except now that the mnstrm has had four years to take in the word "indie," I didn't expect to be shocked by something like that again. Out of all the bands, No Age gets MTV airtime. And it kinda sucked that as soon as Bmore became a huge musical epicenter, all that coolness immediately flew to LA. But the LA scene is really fucking good. ilu no age

35. T.I. – No Matter What
T.I. – No Matter What
This was T.I.'s forgotten stepchild of the summer. The kind of song that was really, really popular for about a week, and then Whatever You Like came out and I think I'm the only one who remembers this one. Got yr back TI/TIP.

Seriously, T.I. might be the most likable rapper/performer/singer/anyone right now. I just wanna be his friend. Wonder if he reads this blog. Pssh, nah, probably not. I mean, come on. I was just kidding. He probably doesn't read this. There's like, no way.

34. Lil Wayne – Let the Beat Build
Lil Wayne – Let the Beat Build
This song is one of the best arguments in support of Kanye returning to producing full-time. His last two albums would be reasons one and two, but this is number three. This song is Kanye completely showing off his mastery of the long-ass soul sample, and then bragging about it. Even though Weezy does show up for Let the Beat Build, this is the Kanye show.

33. Young Jeezy – My President (ft. Nas)
Young Jeezy – My President (ft. Nas)

Wow, if Barry didn't win the election, Young Jeezy sure would have some pie in his face! Would've immediately regretted not writing a pro-McCain song. Or maybe My President is about Cynthia McKinney? I can definitely see it.

So Young Jeezy and Nas set out to make one of the Great Obama Hip-Hop Songs of 2k8 That Will Be Remembered Forever, and they end up making one of the most addictive, replayable choruses of the year:

My president is black
My Lambo's blue
And I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too

There's one line about Obama, and two about Jeezy's car. It doesn't matter. The best thing about Obama winning is this song.

32.Lykke Li - My
Lykke Li – My
hey wait this isn't rap

Basically, this song is here because there isn't anything about the chorus that isn't splendid. And it's a kind of wonderful expression of beauty in hopefulness/hopelessness etc. i lykke u lykke li.

31. MURS – Time is Now (ft Snoop Dogg)
MURS – Time is Now (ft. Snoop Dogg)

I feel the same way about it as I did then.

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