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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still Great in 2008: Part V

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13. Mates of State – The Re-Arranger

For the longest time I thought that the Mates of State were an 80’s band. I have no idea why - it just seemed right. Men at Work, Mates of State, Men Without Hats, Mystery Jets, Megadeth, etc. 80's = M, right? Wrong! Hoo boy have I got a lot to learn.

Ever since "The Re-Arranger" showed up on my hypemachine a few months ago I've been in love. Light and breezy male/female vox, a keyboard intro that sounds like it was taken straight from Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone, and a bridge that is a serious contender for best sing along of the year – I mean really, what more could you possibly want? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the part between 2:30 – 2:45 stuck in my head.

And if you really wanna shake it off
You're gonna re-arrange re-arrange us.

Just stop and shake it off
You're gonna re-arrange re-arrange us.

There’s just something about that chorus that makes it too damn catchy for words. Luv this song.


12. Ida Maria – Oh My God

I saw the music video to this before I actually listened to the song and now I always think of whatsherface’s twitching whenever this comes on. Ugh. Despite Ida Maria’s overall creepiness, though, I’ve gotta admit that this song is just all around awesome. And it turns out I’m not the only one to think so (take that, Zach).

I think what really makes this for me is the overall sense of horror movie claustrophobia that builds throughout the verse, culminating in the chanted “Oh my god/Oh you think I’m in control?/Oh my god/Oh you think it’s all for fun?” of the chorus. Although Ms. Ida wasn’t exactly “stable” at the song’s beginning, by the end she’s unrecognizable, having been reduced to a nervous wreck screaming, shouting, and, er, twitching her way into yr brain. As she becomes progressively more agitated, so do you, until you’re practically rolling on the floor by the 2 minute mark rockin yr head clean OFF. Take note, indie rockers – this is how it's done.

11. The Chromatics – Running Up That Hill

I love Kate Bush. I really, really do. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) is seriously one of the creepiest, heaviest, most intense songs I’ve ever heard, and it takes a lot to make a cover that accurately captures the spirit of the original. Thankfully, where many have failed, the Chromatics have succeeded. Off of their criminally underappreciated electro debut Night Drive, the Italians Do It Better darlings seem perfectly suited to sing Kate, with a seriously beautiful lead singer capable of making flowers wilt and old women cry using the power of her voice alone, and two dudes that play some pretty scary synth washes/basslines and try not to get in her way. Man, I get chills every time I listen to this song. They may not have improved on the original (which, of course, would in itself be complete blasphemy), but who cares - this is basically an excuse for me to talk about Kate Bush on a 2008 list. Thanks guys.

Also, according to last.fm (the authority on all things music) the Chromatics used to be a no-wave band? wtffffffff


Jimmie said...

Your blog format clearly favors the avid follower to to the casual glancer such as myself. I was mighty confused for a bit

Jimmie said...

also, I hope "phantom other" is coming up in the top 10ish

David said...

Yeah, we've gotta work on formatting. Its tough when you have 3 people posting periodically. I think it'll get easier when we FINALLY finish listing stuff (which may be never).